Things We Do

As things slow with aging I am no longer going to court.  I encourage everyone to join me in rejecting the court process, it is a frustrating system. When time allows. coaching baseball and travel are the current priorities, I still provide help with:

Medicare and Social Security Counseling - Are you confused or have questions about Medicare options, not sure when to start collecting social security? I have been there and done that and also helped countless friends and clients in navigating these complex issues. No sales pitch, simple straight foreward explanations and analysis of your individualized situation. Typical cost is $250-$500 for an extended session and analysis of your individual or couples situation. 

Wills and Trusts- From simple wills for traditional families to arrangements for non-traditional families and couples including trusts, asset protection plans and special needs trusts. 

Corporations and LLC's- Simple formation, guidance on choice of entity, complex operating agreements, not for profit corporations, churches, schools, dissolution agreements, partnership agreements I can provide the advice you need and prepare the documents to protect your business interests.

Contracts - If you need to get it in writing, whether it be a pre-nuptial agreement, a real estate purchase, the resolution of a disagreement between neighbors, or what ever, I have the experience to advise you and put your needs into clear yet enforceable language.

Real Estate - Agreements for purchase and sale, escrow service and closings, title searches, drafting easements, easement disputes, other real estate questions and issues.  

Entrepreneurship - Marc Mauseth and his wife Mary Hoffmann own and operate a retail clothing/jewelry store in Tubac ( Mariah's)  With extensive entrepreneurial experience and living in Tubac since 1996 if you are considering opening a business in Tubac you would be well advised to utilize our firm's legal, local and business experience. With 60 plus years of entreprenurial experince, I  also have insights for those acquiring or starting a business outside of Tubac. 

Mediation and Arbitration - Like virtually every other older lawyer I am happy  happy to add my experience to mediation and arbitration, AKA alternative dispute resolution. With the right intermediary disputes can be settled much more quickly, and with much less time trouble and expense than a trip through the court system. 

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